About Us

About Us

About us

CARBIDE BIT CO is along established (35 years) drilling consumable supplier, with the same Director,  Dan O’Keefe.

Steve Mellish (Assoc. Dipl.Mech. Eng.) is our full time manager who has been with us since 2008. Steve has been involved in the industry for many years before starting with us, working as a manufacturing manager at Pratco Drill Pipes.

His addition has allowed Carbide Bit Co to spend more time expanding stocks of new premium re-run oilfield tricone and PDC drill bits and developing new products.  These include PDC core bits; carbide tiled integral body stabilizers, redesign of under reamer bodies and PDC blades; continued development of custom made specialized TCI roller cone and PDC directional and vertical hole openers.  Bi-centre PDC motor bits for methane drainage a recent success story for Carbide Bit Co.

The supply of bare duplex mud pumps and spare parts has been extended to include turn key rental or outright purchase.

Stocks of subs and stabilizers, new and used continually expanding to cover Coal Seam Gas and other drilling needs.

Standard size and custom made carbide and PDC mills, another service to the industry.